Customer Experience Research
What do your customers experience?

Dynamic market and competitive conditions, as well as the constantly changing consumer behavior of consumers, shape companies significantly and sustainably. 

New media, technologies and buying habits make it increasingly difficult, but also more important than ever, to look at customers holistically. A clear differentiation from the competition due to the homogeneity of products and services offers, as well as increasing market transparency, is inevitable. The connection between the online and offline worlds is also increasingly in the foreground due to rising digitization.

The more technical our macrocosm becomes, the more digital the communication, the greater the consumer’s longing for human contact. 

Companies face the challenge of linking functional product properties with highly emotional experiences and properties.The critical and strategically oriented examination of the topic "Customer Experience Management" offers the opportunity to use the multifaceted wealth of the customers, to identify purchasing motives and to design the value chain in such a way that they reach the target group emotionally. MSM Group's Experience Research service helps companies’ identify customer brand experiences across all relevant points of contact to quantify and strategically align them. The measurement of multiple customer contact points for your company is becoming increasingly important.

The rediscovery of customer centricity as a fundamental market and customer orientation and the mapping of the customer journey in individual contact points form the foundation of customer experience management.

Independent market studies document a very different picture of customer centricity from the corporate and customer perspectives. MSM Customer Experience Research helps to close this gap and make customer relationships more positive. This ranges from the analysis of selected touch points to the holistic view of the customer journey.

So you can optimize your marketing mix and increase the performance of individual touch points.

MSM Satisfaction Research shows, in a tailor-made mix of methods, how your company is positioned compared to its competitors. It answers the questions about positive and negative influencing factors of customer loyalty and investigates causes of customer losses. We would be happy to work with you to develop a catalogue of measures to optimize identified deficits.

Not only satisfied customers are part of a successful company, but also enthusiastic employees who act out of conviction and in the interests of the company. Satisfied employees are able to do more and, as ambassadors, also exude their positive attitude towards the company. A positive attitude of your employees strengthens the brand image and can intensify the customer’s buying behaviour. 


Within individual programs, we measure job satisfaction, work motivation and the attitude of your employees in relation to their working environment. The discovery of strengths and weaknesses provides you with approaches for improvement processes. We not only take care of the planning and execution of a project, but also its subsequent implementation. It is the employee training and HR development services that give MSM an outstanding profile in the mystery shopping market.

For a successful management of your dealers and franchisees, sound information about their needs is indispensable. What about communication? What expectations do you have of your company?

The MSM Group analyses, differentiates and tailors according to your needs.

We provide you with the information you need to better understand your dealers and franchisees and help you identify problems early. You receive optimization approaches to increase dealer and franchisee satisfaction, for internal and external communication.

Strengthen the bond with your sales partners in the long term!

Benchmarking is a management method in which several companies are compared with one another in a targeted manner. Based on this comparison, optimization potential can be identified and appropriate remedial measures are subsequently developed.

Internal and external benchmarks

We compare, as needed and desired, e.g. individual branches or entire regions within your organization. We identify strengths and weaknesses as well as "top" and "low-performers". Measurements from direct competitors or companies outside the industry identify best practices and benefit from external know-how.This will give you valuable information about the need for action in your different areas, processes or regions. Not only do you recognize potential, but you can also learn from the top performers.

Our portfolio also includes online communities, focus groups and in-depth interviews as additional special forms for the consolidation of selected questions. These methods can be the missing link between the mystery research findings and possible optimization measures. 

In addition to a wide range of innovations in the fields of mystery research, training and personnel development, from which MSM GROUP customers have benefited for years, we offer further, integrated market research methods in cooperation with the market research institute concept m. The "Fine Tuning" for your sales activities: We help you to improve your performance at the point of sale.

In-depth psychological insights with concept m

The MSM Group and concept m will create a database for you, which, in addition to the results of your performance at the point of sale, includes depth psychology analyses and explanatory correlations. Mystery shopping results are underpinned by insights and interpretations of consumer perception and consumer behaviour. Use the knowledge to better use optimization measures and more effectively! The interplay of quantitative and qualitative data is the ideal basis for holistic sales solutions. More information on the cooperation partner concept m can be found at

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and find out what your customers are experiencing.

The MSM Group's Customer Experience Research performance area helps you identify and quantify all relevant customer contact points with your brand and strategically align the customer experience.

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