Mystery Shopping
What do your customers perceive?

MSM Mystery Shopping makes it possible for you to get the customer's perspective.

In an anonymous Mystery Shopping, a shopping situation is tracked and evaluated. In this manner, we establish the best starting position for you to effectively and sustainably optimize service quality and customer focus.

With the largest pool of pan-European workshop trained mystery shoppers and specially developed software which offers you a comfortable insight into current results at any time, we are the ideal partner for you.

We develop firm-specific project designs exclusively.

Our programs are attuned to your needs and objectives, and we counsel you regarding appropriate Follow-Up-Measures. We smooth the individual and, thus, efficient, way to successful marketing optimization - everything deriving from one source!

In contrast to the store check, the focus of the quality and service check is on the soft facts, i.e. employee customer contact behaviour. In particular, the areas of customer contact, sales talks, cross selling and the like are discussed.

The point of sale is one of the most important and most relevant contact points between companies and customers. Consumers are becoming increasingly critical and informed, while products and services are becoming increasingly interchangeable. Accordingly, service and quality of advice determine whether existing customers and interested parties can be held onto or migrate to the competition. Anyone who wants to make a positive difference in a competitive environment must develop and consistently implement above-average service quality.

Set new Standards

Test purchases and mystery checks are an efficient way to review and evaluate your standards and compliance (compared to the competition) from a critical customer perspective! We provide management with a detailed overview of the sales strength at individual locations as well as in individual areas and offer the opportunity to derive key performance indicators. Sales employees receive comprehensive feedback to optimize their performance. Benefit from our many years of experience and our cross-industry know-how! We would be happy to develop a tailor-made Mystery Shopping concept for you.

This evolution of the typical test purchase goes beyond the measurement of corporate standards. In a mix of objective perception and subjective perspective, it describes positive experiences or deficits from the point of view of specially trained test customers. With concrete references from the customer's point of view, those responsible receive on-site constructive feedback on the optimization process.

Inspire your customers

Get comprehensive feedback to create an outstanding buying experience that enhances your customers' enthusiasm. We would be happy to develop an individual, needs-based concept for you.

The term "store check" includes test visits with a focus on checking hard facts, such as cleanliness, advertising material and product presentation in the individual outlets. The overall point of sale impression, as well as the presentation of your products and brands or their orientation to customer needs is a decisive factor for your sales success.

Your point of sale in the detailed mystery check

Our trained test customers reflect their point of sale experience authentically and from the customer's point of view and provide important information about the strengths and weaknesses. From the parking situation to the product range, the presentation of goods and the impression of the premises to the friendliness of the cashier staff - as needed, our test buyers put your point of sale under the microscope from A to Z. You receive objective comparison values ​​and differentiated approaches for optimization measures.

We will gladly make you an individual offer, tailored to your wishes.

For every consumer goods manufacturer, good cooperation with trading partners is a key success factor. In order to be able to guarantee a smooth cooperation you need a suitable evaluation method. Particularly suitable for this are the custom-made industrial checks by MSM.

Industry checks for companies

With the industry checks, you get an efficient concept to systematically analyse the positioning of your products at the dealer. Among other things, it can concern pricing, referral, brand preference, expertise, execution, and sales force graduation. We identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and provide you with a sound basis for optimization measures.

We will also gladly advise you on possible follow-up measures.

Not only do enthusiastic customers contribute to the success of a company but also reliable employees. The annual damage caused by theft and manipulation attempts in the retail sector is worth billions of euros nationwide. For protection, the MSM Group offers an effective tool: Cash-checks are another form of mystery shopping. Cash-checks check the employees' attention. Here, specially trained test buyers try to take products by using different manipulation variants at the checkout without paying.

Cash register check against theft attempts

By returning and showing the deficits, MSM attention checks sensitize your employees to theft attempts. Following the cash checks, we offer you a series of follow-up measures that will prepare your employees specifically for thefts or similar situations.

Sales promotions, as promotional activities, are a popular means of alerting (potential) customers to products and increasing their visibility. Depending on the objective and the target group, the forms of disapproval of these marketing measures vary. The objectives include the acquisition of first and re-buyers, the acquisition of purchase and the increase in brand awareness. The success of these actions lies above all in the hands of the promotion team.

MSM Group’s promotional checks

MSM Group's promotional checks uncover the strengths and weaknesses of promotional activities and help clients leverage their budgets. Our test customers evaluate the overall impression of the campaign, from the external impression of the advertising stand to the final orientation of the promoter - according to your needs. You benefit measurably from MSM promotional checks. This is demonstrably proven by before-and-after analyses.

Mystery calling is a common form of mystery shopping that is used to evaluate service quality. 

Whether helplines, service and order hotlines or the direct line to your store or to the dealer - the telephone is still one of the central interfaces to the customer. The basic requirement for successful customer relationships is the implementation of your service and consulting standards by your employees. Important core elements here are accessibility, friendliness and problem-solving skills. 

Our specially trained mystery callers check the telephone contact quality with your stores or call centre. You get a comprehensive picture of your employee performance - from the perspective of the customer.

Check service standards with mystery e-mails

Another contact variant in the context of lead management is the e-mail. Also for this channel, Mystery Research is a suitable means to measure reaction times and quality. This also applies to inquiries and posts via the offered social media channels. 

No matter what your distribution channels look like, we will find the right solution for you.

Ever increasing digitalization has a significant impact on communication and distribution throughout the retail landscape. Customers are getting more and more informed online about brands and products long before they visit a retailer in the physical sense. This change in consumer behaviour requires a web presence and corresponding online features to provide attractive and above all interactive added value. 

Optimize your online presence

MSM specializes in the worldwide and nationwide review of merchant websites regarding the implementation / adherence to given standards, as well as, the measurement of Google rankings, social media appearances and the brand presence on so-called 3rd party distribution platforms. Of course, the performance measurement of digital dialogue centres (communication platforms between customer, retail and market) is also part of MSM Group’s range of services.

For a long time, professional mystery shopping has been more than a classic retail test purchase. More and more customers choose the convenient way and do their shopping online. Internet shops have their own service standards:

  • Ease of use of the online store

  • Order Processing

  • Documentation of correspondence

Mystery E-Shopping shows potential for improvement with less effort, which can be efficiently used by the shop owner. The trend towards online shopping is also increasing the number of unauthorized retailers who may be selling inadmissible products for the German market.

Basically, the term "feedback" refers to a return of information in the context of human communication. In the economic context, this term refers to a form of dialogue between the supplier and its customers. Feedback checks are an advanced form of regular test purchases. After the check, the specially trained test customer will conduct a short feedback interview with the tested employee and / or the manager, in which he describes his impressions and experiences in detail and explains his rating.

Fair analysis through feedback checks

The MSM feedback checks sensitize employees at the POS more from the customer's point of view than traditional test purchases. Because the test customer can directly explain and comment on the results, companies experience the assessment as fair and objective. This circumstance leads to an increased willingness to change. The employee perceives the check as an aid and not as a control.

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