Interactive audits

Interactive Audits & Sales Excellence - a powerful partnership

The retail sector is a fast-moving branch of industry. There is a special need of integrable systems to optimize processes and to take direct action with a reliable, safe and clear software. We provide you with a strong platform which makes it possible to audit every single store, to react efficiently and to analyse the results based on the KPI's.

Excellent service starts with efficient methods

Through a strategic partnership we raised the level in the method planning area. Sustainable optimizing and structuring of professional trade organizations to operational excellence is the main reason of that partnership.

At your request we are happy to provide you an individual offer without any costs from your side.

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Transparent operations

The management dashboard offers an overview of all stores. You can follow and control your business activities directly in the system and from your central office, watch the daily operations in detail or benchmark relevant stores.

  • Share instructions and guidelines
  • Use the smart-mail-service and get all information - fast and sorted
  • Get a clear view of a large number of stores

Time savings

The integrated task management feature is able to define operational responsabilities very smartly and clearly - especially if your campaign is complex or extensive and requires profound documentation of important tasks (e.g. quality control). Complete your questions or explorations with intern video tutorials, photo instructions, pdf-guidelines or references.

  • Choose a practical and smart software with an intuitive interface
  • Design, edit and publish your adequate, individual checklists
  • Control your business and commununicate efficiently from your headquarter with management dashboards

Action planning

When the checklist is ready you can choose a variety of relevant recipients in the system so that every relevant store is up-to-date. Fast reportings, detailed information and direct mail are raising your monitoring activities to the next level.

  • Communicate fast and efficiently by enclosing media
  • Share and delegate all tasks easily
  • Use all functions on- and offline

Your contacts for sales management

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Timo Gimon
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Stefan Gälzer
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