Fashion & Specialist Retail

The MSM Group has access to long-standing and international experience with the retail sector. With regard to growing competitive pressure, optimizing in detail is the upmost goal of many specialist retail companies.

Point of Sales performance, as well as advising and service, are crucial factors aside from price and product quality, with which retail enterprises can distinguish themselves amongst the competition.

MSM assists you with this goal by mirroring your firm from the customer's point of view.

Strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, are presented in order to subsequently improve customer service and to strengthen the brand. Sales per salesperson can be increased by our procedure.


Through several competitors, customers today are more critical than ever.

Product quality as well as positioning, the price and sales personnel performance, in particular, are crucial success factors.

Whoever wants to stand out amongst the competition and win customer loyalty must generate an emotionally positive sales atmosphere through qualified service-oriented personnel.

MSM tests sales locations and sales personnel performance. From measuring results, exactly targeted optimization measures can be drawn, which increase sales per sales person; this can be proved.

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