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The MSM Group has access to long-standing and international experience with the retail sector. With regard to growing competitive pressure, optimizing in detail is the upmost goal of many specialist retail companies.

Point of Sales performance, as well as advising and service, are crucial factors aside from price and product quality, with which retail enterprises can distinguish themselves amongst the competition.

MSM assists you with this goal by mirroring your firm from the customer's point of view.

Strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, are presented in order to subsequently improve customer service and to strengthen the brand. Sales per salesperson can be increased by our procedure.


Through several competitors, customers today are more critical than ever.

Product quality as well as positioning, the price and sales personnel performance, in particular, are crucial success factors.

Whoever wants to stand out amongst the competition and win customer loyalty must generate an emotionally positive sales atmosphere through qualified service-oriented personnel.

MSM tests sales locations and sales personnel performance. From measuring results, exactly targeted optimization measures can be drawn, which increase sales per sales person; this can be proved.

Your contact persons - national and international

Barbara Pfundtner
Your contact for Austria/Switzerland

How does the customer see your store?

We can tell you! Our test customers, who are specially trained for the fashion and specialty retail industry, check all touchpoints of your customer journey and provide you with detailed impressions from the customer's point of view. We use various mystery shopping tools such as test purchases with and without feedback, omni-channel checks, experience test purchases (CX checks), mystery calls and mails as well as audits. Mystery shopping projects in retail can pursue a variety of objectives: For example, classic mystery checks primarily shed light on the implementation of centrally defined corporate standards in the store or branch. This is done by checking hard facts (presentation of goods, compliance with presentation guidelines, cleanliness in the store, etc.) as well as soft facts (greeting, friendliness and enthusiasm of employees, etc.). In addition, experience test purchases focus on the pursuit of customer excellence: they test the implementation of inspiring customer experiences at the POS and make the subjective experience of your customers tangible. We focus on the information behavior of your service staff in the context of omni-channel checks. Omni-channel checks examine the extent to which you enable your customers to have a seamless shopping experience between the online and offline worlds through cross-channel concepts such as "Click&Collect". Through years of experience in the fashion and specialty retail sector, the MSM Group has also been covering complex mystery shopping projects for many years. Following the mystery check, experience test shopping or omni-channel check, our MSM industry experts derive optimization measures individually tailored to your regional, national or international store or branch network.

Methods to increase customer frequency: As a leading mystery shopping provider in the fashion and specialty retail sector, we focus specifically on the goals and wishes of our clients. In our many years of experience, the following mystery check process has proven its worth, which we adapt according to your specifications:

  1. Our test customers are specially selected to check your store and branch networks and are intensively briefed before the check is carried out.
  2. Check execution: The test takes place in the fashion stores or specialist retail outlets defined by you.
  3. The test customer evaluates the mystery check according to criteria previously defined by you.
  4. The results are evaluated and training measures are derived from them.
  5. Our trainers, who specialize in the fashion and specialty retail sector, train your sales and service staff.

These 5 steps are repeated until you can derive standards for your service optimization towards the point of excellence. This is followed by the consolidation and expansion of the achieved results.

Together with you, we develop a concept for rolling out what has been achieved across the entire company.
We accompany you throughout the entire rollout process.
In order to ensure that the quality improvement is achieved and maintained across the board, we carry out test checks again on a random basis.
At increasingly longer intervals, we check compliance with the service optimization that has been developed.

Why choose the MSM Group?

The MSM Group has been a provider of innovative mystery shopping solutions since 1990. In the meantime, we have become the European market leader - especially in the fashion and specialty retail sector. Our processes are optimized in all areas from project setup to the provision of results. As an innovation-driven mystery shopping agency, we are constantly reacting to new developments and trends that, in the course of digitalization, hardly affect any industry as strongly as the retail sector. This applies above all to the integration of online elements such as VR technology, touch screens, digital shop windows and virtual changing rooms in the store. But also the merging of information procurement online and the experience factor offline in omni-channel management.

Due to its global orientation and connections in over 120 countries, MSM is the number one contact for international fashion and specialty retail companies in particular when it comes to mystery shopping projects. All mystery checks, experience test purchases and omni-channel checks are carried out by professional test purchasers who have sound experience and have been specially trained by our MSM industry experts. Our team of consultants, market researchers, sales specialists and trainers will help you create the optimal success plan for you and sustainably increase visitor frequencies in your stores and branches.

Mystery Shopping - Fashion and specialized trade | Your benefit at a glance

  • Creation of experience-based shopping worlds from the point of sale to the point of experience
  • Rollout of your standards across the entire store and branch network
  • Area-wide increase in visitor frequency
  • Customer excellence: creating unexpected moments of enthusiasm
  • Gain competitive advantage through benchmark checks

Mystery Shopping - Fashion and Specialty Retail | Application Forms at a Glance

  • Physical test purchases with and without feedback
  • Mystery mails / mystery calls
  • Experience test purchases (CX checks)
  • Omni-channel checks
  • Benchmarking
  • Potential analysis
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee survey
  • Online mystery shopping

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