Mystery Shopping – What do your customers perceive?

MSM Mystery Shopping makes it possible for you to get the customer's perspective.

In an anonymous Mystery Shopping, a shopping situation is tracked and evaluated. In this manner, we establish the best starting position for you to effectively and sustainably optimize service quality and customer focus.

With the largest pool of pan-European workshop trained mystery shoppers and specially developed software which offers you a comfortable insight into current results at any time, we are the ideal partner for you.

Our services for mystery shopping

Quality & service checks
Experience test purchases
Store checks
Industry checks
Attention checks
Promotion checks
Mystery Calling / Mystery Mailing
Web presence checks
Mystery E-Shopping
Feedback checks

Your contacts for mystery shopping

Timo Gimon
Timo Gimon
Your contact for Germany
Barbara Pfundtner
Your contact for Austria/Switzerland

We develop firm-specific project designs exclusively.

Our programs are attuned to your needs and objectives, and we counsel you regarding appropriate Follow-Up-Measures. We smooth the individual and, thus, efficient, way to successful marketing optimization - everything deriving from one source!

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