Financial Service and Insurance

Increasing competition from Fintechs and international competitors is increasing the pressure on financial service providers and insurance companies to keep customers willing to change and attract new customers.

If you want to stand out and retain your customers, you need competent, customer-oriented and trustworthy advice and sales.

The documentation requirements of banks and insurance companies place high demands on mystery shopping concepts and test customers. MSM is specialized in these requirements and has the right test customers and target groups to realize successful mystery research for you.

Your contact persons - national and international

Christian Karrenbauer
Your contact for Germany
Barbara Pfundtner
Your contact for Austria/Switzerland

How does the customer perceive your service quality?

We can help you find out! Our mystery shoppers, specially trained for the financial industry, check all touchpoints of your customer journey and provide you with valuable impressions from the customer's point of view. As the market leader in the field of mystery shopping, the MSM Group draws on a pool of 400,000 test customers worldwide for the check design, covering a wide range of possible target groups with different demographic characteristics, such as academics, self-employed persons, best agers and students. In the banking sector, this enables us to implement mystery check scenarios in both retail banking and private banking and to take all relevant customer segments into account. In the financial sector, we use various mystery shopping tools such as consulting checks, condition surveys, mystery calls and mails, compliance and benchmark checks. Our innovative mystery check concepts examine a variety of elements of the complex customer journey in the financial industry. Following the quality check, our MSM industry experts derive optimization measures individually tailored to your banking or insurance network.

Methods for optimizing the quality of advice and service orientation: As an innovation-driven company in the finance and insurance sector, we focus specifically on the goals and wishes of our clients. In our many years of experience, the following mystery check process has proven its worth, which we adapt according to your specifications:

  1. Our test customers are specially selected to check your bank or insurance company and are intensively briefed before the service check is carried out.

  2. Check execution: The test takes place in the bank branches or insurance offices defined by you.

  3. The test customer evaluates the mystery check on the basis of a questionnaire according to criteria previously defined by you.

  4. The results are evaluated and made available to you in real time. Our MSM industry experts derive potentials and optimization measures.

  5. Together with you, we develop a concept for rolling out what has been achieved across the entire company.

  6. We accompany you throughout the entire rollout process.

  7. In order to ensure that the quality improvement is achieved and maintained across the board, we carry out test checks again on a random basis.

  8. At increasingly longer intervals, we check compliance with the service optimization that has been developed.

Why choose the MSM Group?

The MSM Group has been a provider of innovative mystery shopping solutions since 1990. In the meantime, we have developed into the leading provider in Europe - especially in the area of finance and insurance. Our processes are optimized in all areas from project setup to the provision of results. As an innovation-driven mystery shopping agency, we are constantly reacting to new developments and trends that arise in the course of digitalization, especially for the financial sector. With adapted mystery shopping tools, we catch technological developments of digitalization and offer you the possibility to map the increasingly complex customer journey. Due to our global orientation and connections in over 120 countries, MSM is the number one contact partner both nationally and internationally when it comes to mystery shopping projects. All mystery checks are conducted by professional mystery shoppers who have in-depth experience and have been trained in-house by our MSM industry experts. Our team of consultants, market researchers and sales specialists will help you create the best success plan for you.

Mystery Checks - Finance and Insurance | Your benefits at a glance

  • Optimize your entire customer journey quickly and easily

  • Increase the contract conclusion rate

  • Gain competitive advantages through benchmark and condition checks

  • Identify training needs for customer advisors

  • Investigations into special topics such as online banking and video consulting

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