Gastro training

The catering industry is one of the strongest in Germany and generates an annual turnover of almost 52 billion euros (source: statista). In the face of fierce competition, catering establishments are forced to keep their quality and service standards at the highest level.

Gastro Trainings increase your quality and yield

One of the methods to develop the quality and service standards is tailor-made gastro-training. The gastro service program is one of the most successful MSM training measures.

Especially in highly frequented locations such as petrol stations, rest areas and train stations, catering establishments are faced with the big challenge of meeting hygiene and service demands. Our training makes your employees fit for a customer-friendly and high-turnover day-to-day business! Various combinable training modules are available for this, which we conduct directly in your company, simulating live situations - in real customer contact, with direct feedback!

To be carried out predominantly on site at your premises. We would be delighted to develop an individual training program for you!

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