Mystery shopper coaching

With mystery shopper coaching, the MSM Group has developed an innovative and highly efficient instrument for personnel development and immediate performance improvement at the POS. Mystery shoppers, skilled trainers and coaches, are intimately familiar with the company's philosophy and standards, as well as their employee expectations.

After the anonymous mystery check, a coaching dialogue between trainer and salesman follows:

Through self-analysis and reflection, the employee learns best how he or she affects customers and how he or she can improve their performance at the POS. The experienced trainer assesses the strengths, weaknesses and potential of the individual salespersons and supports them through direct coaching (in active day-to-day business or in the form of role play) to optimize their performance.

We offer individual mystery shopper coachings

Optionally, the expert can even help with best practice examples in active sales. You receive well-founded input for the field of personnel development. Your employee benefits from fast learning success.

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