Feedback checks

Basically, the term "feedback" refers to a return of information in the context of human communication. In the economic context, this term refers to a form of dialogue between the supplier and its customers. Feedback checks are an advanced form of regular test purchases. After the check, the specially trained test customer will conduct a short feedback interview with the tested employee and / or the manager, in which he describes his impressions and experiences in detail and explains his rating.

Your contacts for feedback checks

Timo Gimon
Timo Gimon
Your contact for Germany
Stefan Gälzer
Stefan Gälzer
Your contact for Austria/Switzerland

Fair Analysis through feedback checks

The MSM feedback checks sensitize employees at the POS more from the customer's point of view than traditional test purchases. Because the test customer can directly explain and comment on the results, companies experience the assessment as fair and objective. This circumstance leads to an increased willingness to change. The employee perceives the check as an aid and not as a control.

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