Mystery Calling / Mystery Mailing

Mystery calling is a common form of mystery shopping that is used to evaluate service quality.

Whether helplines, service and order hotlines or the direct line to your store or to the dealer - the telephone is still one of the central interfaces to the customer. The basic requirement for successful customer relationships is the implementation of your service and consulting standards by your employees. Important core elements here are accessibility, friendliness and problem-solving skills.

Our specially trained mystery callers check the telephone contact quality with your stores or call centre. You get a comprehensive picture of your employee performance - from the perspective of the customer.

Your contacts for mystery calling / mystery mailing

Timo Gimon
Timo Gimon
Your contact for Germany
Barbara Pfundtner
Your contact for Austria/Switzerland

Check service standards with mystery e-mails

Another contact variant in the context of lead management is the e-mail. Also for this channel, Mystery Research is a suitable means to measure reaction times and quality. This also applies to inquiries and posts via the offered social media channels.

No matter what your distribution channels look like, we will find the right solution for you.

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