Food retailing & petroleum companies

High-quality products and a fresh appearance as well as clean sales points are basic prerequisites for successful food retailing in order to survive in sensitive price competition.

A pleasant sales atmosphere, attractive special promotions, quick checkout and friendly advice at the service counters are just some of the success factors with which competitive advantages are achieved. The MSM Group has many years of international experience and renowned expertise in food retailing.

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Petroleum companies

From the tank area to the washer and shop to the toilets - clean and safe facilities and courteous personnel are among the elementary quality standards for mineral oil companies. In particular, the increasingly professional bakery/bistro units are increasingly becoming a success factor and decide on brand profile and customer preference.

The MSM Group checks the level and adherence to your quality and service standards. Our mystery shoppers take the view of your customers and make weaknesses, strengths and opportunities visible.

We will show you how to make the most of your potential.

For more than 25 years we have been successfully checking, advising and training on the areas, and have demonstrably achieved sales increases for our customers.

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Mystery Shopping Food Retail and Gas Stations

How does the customer see your supermarket?

Fresh, regional, sustainable: consumers' expectations of food have risen significantly in recent years - and so have the demands placed on supermarkets and food retail discounters. Today's shoppers expect more than just to have their needs met. A pleasant sales atmosphere, attractive special offers, fast checkouts and friendly, competent advice at the service counters are among the success factors with which supermarket operators achieve success. The MSM Group has many years of international experience and renowned expertise in food retailing. With innovative check concepts we help to optimize the service and sales quality of your supermarket branches. First and foremost, we use classic test purchasing tools such as mystery checks, store checks and feedback checks. These check concepts are aimed at optimally fulfilling hard facts such as cleanliness of the sales areas, availability of goods and minimum shelf life, as well as professional customer contact on the sales floor, at the service counters and at the checkout. Other check types that are used primarily in food retailing are checkout are checkout and youth protection tests. Both forms check for compliance with cashier standards and help you increase employee awareness at the register and mitigate inventory discrepancies.

How does the customer view your gas station?

Petroleum operators are also exposed to today's changing customer demands. Service stations are gradually developing into "multi-service hubs": as highly frequented consumption locations, they are also magazine and beverage stores, bakeries, supermarkets, restaurants and cafés. Revenues are no longer achieved by service station operators primarily at the pump - rather, sales of convenience products in service station stores and mini supermarkets contribute a large part to profits generated. Added to this are the challenges of the digital transformation: customers also expect mobile payment systems, personalized offers, services and discounts in the service station sector. The MSM Group has many years of experience in the petroleum business: Our MSM sales specialists and market researchers react to current developments in the industry with innovative mystery check concepts. Tools such as store checks are used to verify hard facts, customer contact behavior and compliance with youth protection laws.

Methods to increase sales and service quality: As a leading mystery shopping provider in the food retail and service station sector, we are specifically oriented towards the goals and wishes of our clients. In our many years of experience, the following mystery check process has proven successful, which we adapt according to your specifications:

Process flow of mystery shopping in food retail:

  1. Our mystery shoppers are briefed on a customer-specific basis.
  2. The test purchase takes place in the supermarket and discount stores or gas stations specified by you.
  3. The test purchase is evaluated on the basis of your specifications.
  4. Feedback is given either immediately after the check (feedback check) or the test purchase is evaluated with the help of the questionnaire.
  5. Results are evaluated and optimization measures are derived for you.
  6. Concept development to roll out what has been achieved across all stores / your entire company - development of a uniform concept.
  7. Random checks to ensure that the defined quality is achieved across the board / definition of corporate standards.

Why choose the MSM Group?

The MSM Group has been a provider of innovative mystery shopping solutions since 1990. In the meantime, we have become the European market leader - especially in the areas of food retail and gas stations. Our processes are optimized in all areas from project setup to the provision of results. As an innovation-driven mystery shopping agency, we are constantly reacting to new developments and trends that arise in the course of digitalization.

Due to its global orientation and connections in over 120 countries, MSM is the number one contact when it comes to mystery shopping projects in the food retail and gas station sector. The Mystery Checks are carried out by professional mystery shoppers who have in-depth experience and have been specially trained by our MSM industry experts. They have extensive experience and have been specially trained by our MSM industry experts. Our team of consultants, market researchers, sales specialists and trainers will help you to create the optimal success plan for you and to optimize service quality and customer satisfaction in the long term.

Mystery Shopping - Food Retail and Gas Stations | Your benefits at a glance

  • Optimize service quality quickly and easily
  • Improve product and merchandise presentation
  • Gain competitive advantages through benchmark checks
  • Achieve long-term customer loyalty
  • Implement training concepts specially tailored to your needs

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