The MSM Group

As an expert for the improvement of quality and performance at the point of sale, the MSM Group is the largest owner-managed service provider for mystery shopping and follow-up-measures within the german-speaking realm.

The enterprise was founded in 1990.

The staff team consists of experts such as market researchers, psychologists, marketing specialists, and trainers. Additionally to this, MSM has over 400,000 mystery shopper throughout the world with over 186,000 operations yearly. The MSM Group operates the branches

  • MSM Germany (Münster)
  • MSM Austria (Wiener Neustadt)
  • MSM Asia (Tianjin)
  • MSM Asia (Shanghai)

From the offices in Germany, Austria and the People's Republic of China the MSM Group is active world-wide. Moreover, renowned medium and small-scale enterprises, as well as international conglomerates out of the top 500 of the global economy, count amongst long-standing MSM clients.

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